Yoga for Intentional Living - Mindfulness Yoga with Beate Rose, M.Ed., E-RYT 500
The Lotus grows in the muddy water of a still pond and its beautiful blossoms unfold gradually, one petal at a time.
The Lotus symbolizes  purity and the true soul of an individual. Meditating on the Lotus brings harmony and balance into all aspects of our being.
I moved from Germany to the United States in 2001 after meeting my husband Ken at a yoga retreat in upstate New York during a summer vacation. In Germany I worked as a counselor and Gestalt therapist, teaching yoga and leading workshops to facilitate people in actualizing their inner potential.
I studied the human potential movement at a German university and developed a strong interest in Eastern spirituality. In my late twenties, I began a regular yoga and meditation practice, which enriched me in many ways. I began to travel and to study Buddhist meditation in Thailand and Sri Lanka as well as yoga in India.To learn more about yoga practice and philosophy I attended a three-year long program at a holistic center in Germany in the tradition of Desikachar.
In the United States I continued my yoga studies in therapeutic yoga at Kripalu, in Anusara Yoga, and completed a Mindfulness Teacher Training with Frank Boccio. At the heart of my practice is the inner experience of the pose, embedded in precise alignment to stimulate subtle energy flow and well-being on all levels of our being.
I live with my husband Ken in Charlottesville, VA. Our vision of life is to fulfill our human potential in community with others and to actualize our gifts by facilitating others on their path to healing and well-being.